13 Apr

We are doing a music video.  The video is called Smelly Duck.  We have the star Danny and the singer Chelsea. 



12 Apr

My favorite PSA video from yesterday was the one with the fire truck.  It was funy.  They had some really good props.


12 Apr

I think our first video went well.  Next time I would make sure the video camera stayed still.  I would also make sure we talked louder.


2 Apr

Our group got our topic right away.  We all worked together and got our souces fast.  We have done a good job and I hope our video turns out great.  We have a good group and we worked well together.


22 Mar

A computer device, such as a CD-Rome drive or printer, that is not part of the essential computer. Peripheral devices can be external — such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, moniter.   external scannner — or internal, such as a CD


21 Mar

A word cloud is a jumble of words with different colors and placed going different ways.  The more you type one word the lager the word will appear in the word cloud.

Digital Photography

20 Mar

Wordle: Caitlynn Lynn